Let's enjoy summer with a new wallpaper for you're desktop with hottie Kirill Dowidoff!

He's a russian model and wannabe actor and singer and... interesting he's also bisexual! Almost perfect this boy!

Here is his official twitter > twitter.com/KirillDowidoff

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And yes, once again a group of boys for a wallpaper! That's almost the end of summer, it's now or never!


Here is almost one year after, new wallpapers! I hope you guys will like that, here we start with a French model, sexy & daring: Thierry Pepin (Gregg underwear).


Here comes the Summer'boys

It's almost the end of the summer, but we can still go to the beach for few weeks, hope you'll see boys like this...


Sexy and I know it

Here is a wallpaper of one of the hottest guy I found: Derek Atlas a very beautiful and unshamed model who shares everything on his website: derekatlas.com


Yummy boy

 Jake Andrews is a sexy model that you can see in the Andrew Christian advertisings.He's not shy at all and has done funny videos with other dudes here.

Jake has really nothing to hide...

Black Muscle God

Jordan Kheii is a very attractive bodybuilder-model, he inspired me the new design of the blog, he's also on the "header".

Obviously his body is perfection!

The real man

David Anthony is the kind of man you just can't resist. He's a very special kind of actor > http://anthony.titanmen.net , as you can see he's the first of my new wallpapers (bigger size) hope you'll like it.

Don't hesitate to leave a comment.


Red is beautiful

Some guys think they're hot, some other have a very bad opinion on red headed people, like if they where dangerous or something it's almost a urban legend. But I think ginger men are beautiful.

Here is a wallpaper with 3 hunks, if you know their name, tell me.